Rad Root Vegetables: 6 Radishes to Rave About

January 19, 2021

Add color, flavor and tons of nutrition to your winter dishes with these unique radishes!

Black Radish

The Black Radish has a round, charcoal exterior with a pale ivory inside. It has pungent flavored, dense flesh similar to the taste of horseradish. Its skin is particularly spicy, so peel if you prefer. It’s cooking applications include sautéing, braising and adding to soups, stews and stir-fries.

Premier Pairing: Enhance this radish’s flavor by pairing it with chervil, chives, sea salt and parsley.

Cincinnati Radish

Also known as the Long Red Italian Radish, this long, skinny radish is often confused with a red carrot. The Cincinnati Radish has a white interior with a medium heat. Feel free to serve it raw, pickled or cooked. Use it in everything from egg rolls, to tortas and Mexican soups.

Premier Pairing: Add this radish to salads or crudité paired with a creamy dip to whet the appetite before a meal.

French Breakfast Radish

This radish is easily distinguishable by its elongated red exterior and white end. Very crisp, with a medium spice, it goes well in tacos, open-faced sandwiches and omelets. In fact, grilling or roasting it brings out its slightly sweet and nutty flavor. You can also use the greens in salads, soups or pastas!

Premier Pairing: The French Breakfast Radish pairs well with sweet cream, butter and many cheeses, like blue and feta.

Icicle Radish

The Icicle Radish has a slender shape and is white inside and out, hence its name.  Crisp and juicy with a medium to mild taste, this radish is good in relishes, as well as grilled, braised or sautéed with butter, salt and herbs. Oven roasting it will bring out a subtle sweetness in your dishes.

Premier Pairing: Grate or shred this radish and pair with sushi or sashimi.

Purple Ninja Radish

A torpedo shape and purple skin make this radish unique in appearance. Its firm flesh is light purple and has a spicy, peppery and earthy taste. However, if roasted the spice will somewhat subside. Use it in a stir fry for a kick, or pickle and preserve it.

Premier Pairing: Julienne this radish and put it in ceviche. You can also use it with the greens as an edible garnish in a Bloody Mary!

Watermelon Radish

The pale green exterior of this radish makes its striking, fuchsia interior quite surprising, and perfect for displays. Crunchy, succulent and firm, the Watermelon Radish is mild in taste, with almond-sweet notes and only a slight hint of spice. This radish is wonderful for topping salads, tartines or serving pickled. Its greens can be used in soups.

Premier Pairing: Pair this radish with citrus or a soft cheese, like gournay and goat cheese. You can also splash slices of this radish with vinegar to intensify its gorgeous coloring. The fuchsia color will fade when cooked with heat.


With so much variety in application and taste, it's no wonder radishes are a winter root vegetable favorite among chefs. We encourage you to try one or try them all. Make sure to share your creations with us @premierproduceone on Facebook or Instagram!



Written by Marianna Marchenko
Photos courtesy of Babe Farms