Georgetown’s Executive Chef Gregg Korney

July 20, 2020

 As a young high school graduate, Gregg Korney did not yet know his passion was being a chef. While he started cooking at a local Italian restaurant when he was 13, after grade school he decided to attend Jacksonville University, earning a degree in Business and Marketing. However, as he continued to cook his way through college to support himself, he realized he had a real knack for it. Years later, after working at Cleveland area staples like Giovanni’s, Sushi Rock, Vue, Velocity American Bistro, and even opening his own restaurant, Quince, Gregg had established himself as an Ohio culinary veteran. Then in 2012, Mickey Krivosh, owner of Lakewood’s casual pub, Around the Corner, offered Gregg the Executive Chef position at his fine dining restaurant, Georgetown. Being at the end of the lease on Quince’s space, Gregg decided to take the plunge. Eight years later, he’s glad he did. A mutual friend introduced the two, and as Gregg puts it, “We talked, and it just seemed like a good fit. We met, and the rest is history.”

Nowadays, Georgetown’s menu reflects Gregg’s culinary style by offering something for everyone. Whether it’s a multi-course meal, or just cocktails paired with an expansive list of happy hour appetizers, Gregg brings a blend of Mediterranean, Asian and Italian influence to Georgetown guests. Gregg states his culinary style is inspired by the talented chefs he worked with over the years. “I learned a lot from Italian chef Roberto Donna at the James Beard House, and from Carl Quagliata, while I was at Giovanni’s. I was also really into Morimoto [Japan’s Iron Chef sushi master],” he reflects. Seasonal produce also plays a big role in Georgetown’s menu. Some highlights include a Beet Salad with Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese, Maple Bacon and Truffle Vinaigrette, as well as a Grilled Herb and Balsamic Double Cut Pork Chop with Spinach and Cauliflower Gratin. Georgetown is also well known for their pizzas, with options like Maine Lobster with Manchego cheese, and Wild Mushroom with Prosciutto, Basil and Parmesan.

Another unique aspect of this Lakewood, Ohio gem is its sister venue Vosh, located next door. Originally buiAnother unique aspect of this Lakewood, Ohio gem is its sister venue Vosh, located next door. Originally built to be a jazz, blues and Motown music venue and nightclub, Vosh has also become a special events space, hosting showers, benefits and weddings. A big draw of said special events is the gorgeous courtyard with black wrought iron and lush greenery. Weather permitting, the outdoor patio is also where the happy hour crowd likes to gather, making it one of the most popular in the city. As Gregg describes “In the summertime, it’ll be really hopping. We open at 4, and it usually fills up by 4:30.” To keep the party going all year long, Georgetown also offers outdoor arctic igloo rentals during the winter season. Booked weeks in advance, each of the four see-through igloos, two on the lower patio, and two on the upper patio, come with a two-hour timeslot, chic, comfy furniture seating 4-10 people, heaters, and access to the entire Georgetown menu. 

With so much going on, it’s clear that Georgetown keeps Gregg a busy guy. How does he refuel after a grueling day? Gregg answers, “As I’m getting older, I’m trying to watch what I eat and stay in shape, so I usually just have fruit or yogurt at the end of the night. On my off days, my wife cooks, so whatever she makes, I’m happy with.” However, if celebrating, Gregg adds he likes to incorporate his Slovenian roots, with stuffed peppers being a favorite dish, as well as pasta.



Written by Marianna Marchenko