Dropped with Chef Rocco Whalen

March 7, 2022

Spring is here at Premier ProduceOne, which means we've got so many unique and fun additions to our inventory! What better way to showcase these delicious products than by visiting the talented chefs we work with every day. On this round of Dropped, we visited Cleveland's own Chef Rocco Whalen at his Tremont hotspot, Fahrenheit. Between his 20 plus years working with Premier ProduceOne and success as a creative Chef, we knew he'd be willing to be put to the test!

We Dropped in with some fresh spring ingredients, and even better, a fun task! We gave Chef Rocco some RomanescoCarnival CauliflowerRadicchioBelgian EndivesBrussels Sprouts, and a fresh-cut Tomahawk Steak from our Herd & Bird Provisions program. His challenge was to make the best dish he could using these ingredients, all while on a time crunch!

With no surprise to us, the magic happened within minutes. By incorporating some capers, olive oil, and parmesan cheese, Chef presented us with a Radicchio and Endive salad, drizzled with a light oil dressing. For the main dish, Chef Rocco made a Cauliflower purée, topped by pan-seared Romanesco and Brussels Sprouts, and the beautifully cooked Tomahawk Steak.

He explained to us that these ingredients inspired him because of their freshness, bitterness, and ability to pair with other ingredients that beautifully accent their natural flavors. It was easy for us to see his success as such a creative Chef through his cooking and originality. With just a few ingredients from our spring peak season selection, he was able to produce a unique, fresh, and flavorful meal.

Thank you to Chef Rocco and everyone at Fahrenheit for having us and conquering the Dropped challenge!

Stay tuned to see where Premier ProduceOne ends up next... you never know where we'll choose to Deliver The Flavor!