5 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Ohio with Ridiculously Good Salsa

April 20, 2021

Last year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations were swept under the rug due to the coronavirus. This year, there is hope for a revival. Whether you’re attending a get together, hosting at your place or gathering outside for a picnic-style celebration, adding Ridiculously Good Salsa to the menu is a ridiculously good idea. Here’s why.

  1. They’re local – and they support local!

This salsa company is run by Vickie Nortz and her family out of the Columbus, Ohio area! Additionally, they love to partner with other local small businesses. Along with salsa, they sell a Taco Seasoning Blend – a result of a partnership with North Market Spices. They also recently started working with a local distributor to help grow their business and are currently working on a collab with another local company that will pair well with their salsa (stay tuned!)

  1. Made with only the freshest ingredients!

As founder Vickie puts it, “We are picky about our veggies, they have to be perfect!  We chop and mix the veggies with spices, and tomatoes.  We count on the crispness of the vegetables since our salsa is fresh and not cooked.  This makes all the difference!” She adds, “We rely on Premier ProduceOne to deliver the best local ingredients.  This is a great partnership and we have worked with them since the beginning.” 

  1. Cinco de [Ohio] Party Pack

They’re making the celebration shopping super easy! Right now, they’re offering a Cinco de Ohio (as they like to call it) Party Pack. You’ll get an “I LOVE LOCAL” red insulated cooler bag filled with goodies like their celebrated salsa, chips, taco seasoning blend, Bourbon Buckeyes from Bucks for Pups Confections, and a custom Orange Chili Pepper Candle from Furbish & Fire (both local Ohio businesses). You can choose from two party pack options depending on your party size. (To order go to www.rgoodsalsa.com.)  Best part is a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Columbus Humane Society! To make the party even more festive, “Cinco de Ohio” t-shirts are also available on their site.

  1. Salsa for a Cause

RGS was born out of a really challenging time for the Nortz family. Vickie explains, “Several years ago our son, Andrew, and his girlfriend (now wife) were hit by a drunk driver in New York. After 4 weeks in the hospital, Andrew had to move home to live with us - he had to learn how to walk again. Andrew's friends came to visit on the weekends to watch OSU and Browns games. We had a family salsa recipe that I tweaked to accommodate their individual tastes.  As Andrew improved, we started making the salsa together. I'm a nurse, and I knew Andrew would benefit both mentally and physically from this simple task of making salsa as part of his physical therapy. Everyone loved it and we were encouraged to try to sell the salsa.  Andrew created a label with a friend, and we approached a local store.  Andrew gave the presentation and the owner sampled our salsa during it. By the end of the meeting, she had eaten half a container of salsa! We were invited to be a vendor, and I took Andrew to the store in his wheelchair to stock the shelves and complete the inventory. It was enough to get him "back in the game" and that was my only intention - help my son get better by making and selling salsa. It worked! After one year he was able to return to his regular job and RGS was asked to be in more local, family-owned stores.” From this moment on, the Nortz family became dedicated to not only being mindful of life’s precious moments, but to creating more of them to share with others. 

  1. There are so many ways to enjoy it!

Vickie shares, “My personal favorite is nachos. Actually, it's lunch most days of the week. We publish a weekly video showing how to use our salsa in many recipes, called #stayfresh.  Our daughter, Olivia, is an aspiring chef, and she creates the recipes that feature our salsa, taco seasoning and chili powder! PRO TIP: Put your favorite salsa in the blender, blend really good, rim a pretty glass with our taco seasoning, add the salsa blend, ice and vodka to the pretty glass. Garnish with your faves: pickles, salami, cheese cubes. You’re welcome.”  


Ridiculously Good Salsa is well on the way to their goal of becoming the best salsa in Ohio. However, the Nortz family is quick to remind us, “At the end of the day, it’s not about the food we put on your table; it’s about the people who gather around it to talk, laugh, cry, and feel connected. From our family to yours, we promise to keep making delicious foods worthy of such special moments.” We think that’s enough cause to keep our fridge stocked with RGS - for Cinco de Mayo and year-round!


Written by: Marianna Marchenko