About Greener Fields Together

But more than just a buying arm, Pro*Act provides us a platform for a direct connection with many local farmers and purveryors thanks to their sustainability program called Greener Fields Together. GFT focuses on safe, sustainable produce and good agricultural practices for conscious consumption. It's a seed to fork belief and commitment that we share, and our customer's value. Add to these Pro*Act elements throughout the industry, and it's clear why our affiliation with Pro*Act has helped us shape Premier ProduceOne.

About Make Your Meals Matter

Make Your Meals Matter helps you dine responsibly by highlighting restaurants that value sourcing local, sustainable and safe produce throughout the year.

About Greener Business Bureau

We have committed ourselves to being a sustainable company by implementing innovative methods to reduce our energy use, conserve resources and improve the environment.

Premier ProduceOne is an officail certified 'Green Business Bureau' company, meaning we have met economic, environmental, and social standards set by Green Business Bureau, a third-party certification network. Our sustainability efforts were assessed in three categories: People, Planet and Performance, and we were recognized for having taken concrete steps in these areas and progressing towards becoming a leader for sustainability in our community.